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About Us

In January 2009 we came across Pitt Farm and instantly fell in love with it. The incredible setting in the heart of the South Hams, the picturesque cottages, peaceful tranquility and great family atmosphere captivated us.

Pitt Farm became our dream and our dream came true. We are passionate about fulfilling Pitt Farm's potential to provide lasting memories for all.

We are the Gray Family: Pete, Sue, Cassie and Ruby, Jamie, Jess, Eliza and Caleb. Cassie and Ruby live nearby and get involved with helping in the cottages whenever they can (we have a 5 year old who thinks she can take bookings). Jamie, Jess, Eliza and Caleb live Bath but come down to Devon whenever possible (not often enough for Eliza who thinks she is going to Pitt Farm every time she gets in the car). We have just celebrated 10 years of being at Pitt Farm.

We would be delighted to discuss any enquiries you may have about the self catering holidays in our cottages and hope that one day you will share the Pitt Farm experience with us.